French texts published by Luis Ramiro Beltran

Luis Ramiro Beltrán en una foto de archivo. - Prensa La Los Tiempos

Luis Ramiro Beltran in a file photo. – Newspapers The Times

Under the title “The contribution of Luis Ramiro Beltran to the problem of social communication in Latin America” ​​presented a book containing essays represent the work of this Communication Bolivian researcher, which was translated into French by Isabel Guglielmone Urioste professor at the University of Technology of Compiègne (France), says the page

Beltran, born in 1930, is a journalist, writer and screenwriter, author of more than 400 articles in English and Spanish. He received the McLuhan Teleglobe Canada, in 1983, awarded by the Canadian government to individuals who have completed a special action in the theory or practice of social communication.He was a consultant and advisor to several international organizations such as UNESCO and the Johns Hopkins University (USA). Currently living in La Paz.

Beltran points to note as one of the leading researchers of the “Latin American School of Communication”, since over 30 years studied problems that have not become obsolete as the concentration of the media, the defense of indigenous peoples or actions sustainable development and solidarity.

In the translated book, the author addresses issues such as national communication policies, the new international information order, horizontal communication or social communication in the service of democracy. These reflections were carried out in the political and theoretical contexts of Latin America between 1960 and 1970 and Beltran is among a group of researchers who, in the late 60’s, questioned the character “vertical” communication.

Beltran also paid attention to the relationship between information science and communication, to the demands of social thought and the role of the media, especially radio and support for democratic demands.

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